Human beings have the inherent right to free will

"Whoever controls big data is the master of the world." Professor and historian, Mr. Harari, a spiritual leader at the World Economic Forum, proposed the theory of "datism" in his work "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow," sounding the death knell for human free will.

With the tremendous success of ChatGPT worldwide, people have begun to ponder the depletion of the dividends from the third industrial revolution. Global economic growth urgently needs an infusion of new momentum, and AI has become an excellent opportunity for development and a revolutionary leap.

Artificial intelligence is particularly suitable for industries such as medicine, law, and financial analysis. It calmly, rationally, and objectively acquires information from clients, retrieves existing data from industry-shared databases, and, through the analysis of big data models, finds the best solutions. Compared to relying solely on the personal, narrow, and limited knowledge and experience reservoirs of practitioners, the difference is like night and day.

People are starting to worry that artificial intelligence will bring about a huge surplus of labor productivity and a crisis of industrial restructuring to society. However, on a deeper level, behind artificial intelligence, large technology and monopoly groups are utilizing it to bring unprecedented crises to human society.

As people's daily lives become increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence, the data generated by our daily activities is collected and recorded in meticulous detail by artificial intelligence. Through the analysis of big data models, information about each person's cultural habits, education level, knowledge base, beliefs, hobbies, quirks, and the level of emotional and social intelligence can be deduced, sometimes even better than the individuals themselves. Artificial intelligence can successfully predict the "user's" actions in the next second, next hour, tomorrow, and next week with high probability.

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