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CONET is the new Internet that carries the hope of the next era

The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, facilitating communication, access to digital media, online shopping, and financial transactions. While the continuous development of the internet has led to the creation of stable and reliable infrastructure, it has also been exploited by major tech companies that control it.

"Data is the new oil." - Clive Humby

When the internet was created, security and privacy were not initially considered. Subsequent attempts to enhance privacy and security have been more like "patches" rather than addressing the fundamental design flaws of the internet. With the surge in internet users, major tech companies have sought to exploit user data for their own purposes, even selling it to increase revenue. Internet data has become a digital goldmine.

Despite protection from government policies and regulations, internet users find it challenging to benefit from these measures. Numerous privacy tools exist, but most users are either unaware or indifferent to them, and technical barriers make it difficult for ordinary users to benefit.

In recent years, the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has shown users the benefits of decentralized networks. In these systems, users have pseudo-anonymity and can interact with the network in a trustless and permissionless manner.

Thanks to the decentralized distributed technology architecture, blockchain offers strong resilience to disasters, eliminates a single authority that can control the fate of the system, and increases the difficulty of monitoring and tracking users for de-anonymization.

People have pinned their hopes on using blockchain technology to transform the internet, giving rise to the concept of Web3. Blockchain technology has its disadvantages compared to the internet, notably its known and expensive data storage. Achieving high-speed, high-throughput data exchange, similar to the internet, is currently deemed impossible with blockchain.

CONET aims to leverage existing internet infrastructure, integrate decentralized blockchain technology, and establish a privacy and security-focused underlying network infrastructure. The goal is to achieve internet-level high speed and throughput while overcoming the technical constraints and privacy infringements of the current internet.

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