Layer Minus Protocol

New Internet based on Layer Minus Protocol

Currently, due to the increasing reliance of blockchain on centralized cloud infrastructure services, cases of blockchain data loss have become prevalent due to failures in centralized cloud services. The audit mechanism of centralized clouds intensifies, deviating blockchain projects from the principle of decentralization.

CONET, through the Layer Minus protocol, constructs a decentralized dedicated network called DCPN (Decentralized CONET Private Network), transforming centralized servers into decentralized servers where everyone is a server. It can be used for participating in shared networks, bandwidth mining, and providing decentralized network transmission functions.

With no centralized servers, user data is never recorded, leaked, or vulnerable to hacking during transmission in DCPN.

Individuals and companies worldwide contribute to building CONET's new internet infrastructure in a distributed manner, offering it for anyone to use. In return, these contributors can receive CONET cryptographic incentives, enabling more efficient decentralized and peaceful infrastructure deployment.

The CONET project progresses through several stages, ultimately aiming to establish a fair and free market with low entry barriers, permissionless trust, supplier autonomy, and consumer freedom of choice. This market is designed to achieve flexibility and robustness in the underlying network infrastructure, ensuring security and reliability unaffected by single points of failure in an open and accessible manner.

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