CoNET is a fully open-source project driven by the community, adhering to the principles of Bitcoin. The total supply of $CONET is 1 billion.

The $CONET token will play the following key roles in the development of the CONET project:

  1. Mining Rewards: In the initial phase, a dual proof-of-time and proof-of-bandwidth mechanism is implemented to establish community engagement and attract more participants.

  2. Mining Staking Accelerated Rewards: In the initial stage, liquidity mining provided by participants contributes to the accumulation of power for the CONET community takeoff.

  3. CONET Network Usage Fees: Users accessing dApps on the CONET network pay fees to gain a decentralized, zero-trust, secure, and reliable open network communication experience provided by the underlying protocol.

  4. Mining Revenue: As CONET matures and more third-party dApps join, increased network traffic leads to a significant increase in mining revenue. Mining rewards gradually decrease, and the CONET flywheel enters a positive cycle.

  5. Protocol Governance: The development of the CONET protocol is driven and managed by a decentralized community.

Unlocking Periods: Early investors have an unlocking period of 18 months with linear release, while the core team's unlocking period is 3 years.

Token Distribution

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