Mining Economic Model:

Mining output occurs in cycles, with each cycle lasting 180 days, and a 20% reduction in output per cycle. In the first cycle, mining accounts for 18% of the total output, and this percentage decreases with each subsequent cycle.

Boost Mechanism:

Boost is an acceleration mechanism for mining. Users can boost their mining speed by staking a sufficient amount of tokens. There are different types of mining pools:

  1. Regular Mining Pool: Shares mining rewards based on shared bandwidth, constituting 5% of the daily output.

  2. Boost Pool: Users need to stake for 90 days to activate the Boost acceleration mechanism, accelerating their mining rate. The Boost pool constitutes 30% of the daily output.

  3. BoostLP Pool: Provides double rewards. Users stake to gain higher output, and by injecting liquidity and locking LP for 90 days, they receive BoostLP mining acceleration. The BoostLP pool constitutes 58% of the daily output.

Compute Power Mechanism Coefficients:

  • Regular Mining Coefficient: 1

  • Boost Seed Node Coefficient: 6

  • Boost Super Node Coefficient: 12

  • Boost Liquidity LP Coefficient: 24

These coefficients indicate that, at the same time, under the condition of 1 $CONET for regular mining, a Boost Seed Node with a coefficient of 6 could produce 6 times the output, equivalent to 6 $CONET.

Factors Affecting Mining Output Weight:

  • Online duration

  • Number of referrals

  • Mining method

Compute Power Ranking Rewards:

5% of the daily output is rewarded to the top 100 contributors in the network's compute power ranking. Calculated based on the wallets with the most mining in the entire network.

Lucky Blocks:

2% of the total daily mining output is dedicated to "Lucky Blocks," providing participants with an exciting opportunity to share additional earnings.

Referral Mechanism:

  • Direct Referrals: Participants receive a unique referral link. If someone joins mining using the link, the referrer gets a 20% bonus of the referred person's earnings continuously.

  • Secondary Referrals: When the referred person brings in others (secondary referrals), both the referred person and the secondary referrer receive a 20% bonus on the secondary referral's earnings. The direct referrer also gets a 10% bonus on the secondary referrer's earnings. This continues indefinitely, benefiting the direct referrer as long as the secondary referrer earns additional points.

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